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The Zorik Michaeli Horsemanship Method teaches riders horse care, safety, handling, groundwork, posture and hand, leg and voice commands, and much more. By creating a strong foundation, and stressing the handling and respect horse and rider must have for one another on the ground, the under saddle work comes more naturally as a partnership. 

Zorik Michaeli has over 30 Years of Horsemanship Experience.


From a very young age, Zorik learned to ride horses, work cattle, and tame workhorses for a local ranch. 


From 1998 to 2010 Zorik owned and operated Cowboys’ Valley Ranch in Israel.  See video HERE.

Cowboys’ Valley Ranch:

Horse Training:

• Taming wild horses

• Training horses for all-around riding styles

• Advanced horse training competitions in the National League

• Horse training therapeutic experience

• Horse training experience tours

• Training and mentally assisting horses that are born with communication problems


Riding School:

Zorik ran a riding school with over 200 students. He also trained riders who had been studying different riding disciplines. Students ranged from the basic level to professional level competitors.

Training of Riding Instructors:

Cooperation “College tent” – College sports and athletic director in Israel under Zorik’s management. The course was theoretical and practical in the education of horsemanship.


Horse Tours:

Zorik is known with his unique abilities of communicating with the horses and shared this knowledge with others in clinics all over Israel. Clinics would range from one hour to several days.




2006 - Won the Israel Futurity Reining

2006 - Israel Reserve Champion Working Cow Horse

2007 - Israel Champion Working Cow Horse

2008 - Israel Novis Reining Champion

2008 - Second place in the Israel Novis Reining with an additional horse

2016 - Ranch Riding in the AQHA, placed first and second (with two different horses), Open Class Level 4 (in Sioux Falls, SD)

2016 - Five three year-old horses trained by Zorik all placed in the top ten in the AQHA World Show

2016 - Reserve Champion in Open Limited in Working Cow Horse in Colorado

2014 - 2017- Horse Trainer at The Pitzer Ranch, owned by Jim Brinkman, Nebraska

2016 - Five 3 years old horses trained by Zorik all placed in the top ten in the AQHA World Show.



  • Certificate Riding Instructor as the Vinget University Athletic Director

  • Teacher Certificate as the Vinget University Athletic Director

  • Riding Coach Certificate from the Director of Sports

  • The most special certificate was given only to a limited number of trainers commissioned to train students for competing in the National League of equestrian sport in the country, Zorik has this certificate ​


Learn from international Horseman Zorik Michaeli who “speaks horse”. Contact us for more information. 

Photo Credit: Leslie Thelkeld

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