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"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."
~Winston Churchill

Whether you are an experienced rider or new in the saddle, the Zorik Michaeli Horsemanship Method will enhance your relationship with horses and improve your riding ability.

Lessons in various disciplines are tailored to suit your needs and ability level. Building (or rebuilding) a strong horsemanship foundation is needed to successfully create a happy and safe horse/rider relationship.  Once basic horsemanship lessons are mastered, riders will have the tools needed to ride any horse with confidence.  This confidence is transferred to the horse allowing greater performance potential. 


Catered lessons allow each student to progress at his or her own pace while making sure the learning experience safe and enjoyable. The first lesson is free of charge so the rider can come experience an introduction to the Zorik Method.  Lesson horses are available, or Zorik can work with you and your own horse.​

Learn from international Horseman Zorik who “speaks horse”. Group and individual lessons are available by appointment. Contact us for more information. 

For safety, all riders need to wear pants and boots with a heel.  Zorik Ranch has helmets for you to use, or you can use your own ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet.  

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